Minegenco is a renewables and hybrid electricity generation investment platform and IPP focused on the mining industry and high load industrial facilities

About us

Since 1995, Minegenco’s power team specialized in development, financing, construction and asset management of power projects. In 2009, its management co-founded Sonnedix, which grew to a 350MW solar IPP business – one of the largest solar PV IPP’s operating in nine countries. In 2016, Sonnedix was sold to JP Morgan Asset Management and now operates around 800 GW of power assets globally. In 2017, following the sale to JP Morgan, Constant Energy and then Minegenco were founded.

Minegenco’s team is specialized and experienced in both mining and power generation. All required expertise is represented in-house. We personally manage our assets and client relationships and take a long-term view. We believe that only local and client centric active management can achieve the targeted returns on a long-term basis.

Minegenco has an extensive network in the mining industry and access to high-quality investment opportunities. Many years of experience as asset manager of a geographically diversified portfolio enables us to identify potential risks at an early stage and mitigate them.

The business was founded by Franck Constant and Jeremy Ayre. Franck and Jeremy have been working together in various capacities since 2006 when Franck’s power advisory business was acquired by AWR Lloyd, a mining and energy advisory firm co-founded by Jeremy in 2000.

86MW Prieska Solar Facility in South Africa, developed and delivered by Minegenco’s team